Tutorial: How to create your own charm bracelet

Nature has long provided a great source of inspiration for designers, and for this fun charm bracelet tutorial, we’ve turned our attention to one of our favourite seasons; autumn. Featuring a range of bold acrylic leaf charms in the warm and earthy colours of this magical time of year, it’s perfect for making whilst having a cosy night by the fire!

1. Peel the protective film from each side of the acrylic leaf charms.


2. Cut a piece of gold plated thick curb charm chain to the desired length of the finished bracelet.

You can do this either by using a pair of wire cutters, or as demonstrated in our photograph, by opening one of the links of the chain using two pairs of flat nosed pliers.


3. Lay the piece of chain on a flat surface, then arrange a selection of leaf charms along the length of it. Be sure to mix together and overlap the different styles and colours of leaf charms to ensure your finished bracelet is nice and full and has lots of variety.


4. Once you’re happy with the composition of the bracelet, begin securing the leaf charms to the chain using 6 or 7mm gold plated jump rings.


For more information on the process, please see our tutorial on opening and closing jump rings. When attaching the leaf charms, try to keep the links of the chain flat and facing in the same direction rather than twisted, as this will help the finished bracelet to hang well.

5. Once all the leaf charms have been attached, secure a gold plated lobster clasp to one end of the chain...


...and another jump ring to the other end of the chain.

It’s as simple as that! Now you’re all set with the perfect wrist wear for autumn, all that’s left to do is go out and find a nice big pile of crispy leaves to kick through!