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The Laser Cutting Process


At Zap! Creatives we have been laser cutting since 2007 (not constantly, we’ve stopped for cups of tea and toilet breaks obviously). As a result, our laser cutting services offer you wealth of knowledge and expertise.




To ensure the best quality finish, we use the latest high speed CO2 lasers to cut and engrave your designs.

This means that you get beautifully intricate designs in a flash! Plus, our super low 25GBP minimum order quantity and competitive pricing structure means that creating your own custom laser cut designs doesn't have to cost the earth.

A wide range of creative audiences use our laser cutting services including jewellery designers and architects, product designers, crafters and many more. You're in good hands when you choose to cut and engrave your designs through Zap!




Step 1.

Submitting your laser cut designs is easy. Simply download our laser cutting Illustrator templates here or our Inkscape templates here.

We have 4 different sizes available, ranging from 185x185mm to 790x390mm.

Choose one that fits your job size best. 

Step 2.

Populate your chosen template by following our laser cutting tutorials. We have tutorials for Adobe Illustrator as well as the free vector software, Inkscape. Our machines use a variety of different coloured strokes and fills to cut and engrave your jobs. You can manually enter these colours by following our tutorials or you can download our colour palettes here, which does make life a lot easier!

Step 3.

Submit your populated templates to us via email.

We will then run them through our software and get back to you with a no obligation quote, based on the time that it takes to process your job, plus your chosen laserable materials.

Once you are happy with the quote, we will send you an invoice via PayPal.

Step 4.

We aim to process your laser cut designs within 5 working days from receipt of all artwork and payments.

We'll cut and engrave your designs to your specification, before dispatching your finished pieces via your chosen delivery method.


Please send all laser cutting files to for a no obligation quote


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