TUTORIAL - Custom Cable Tidies

TUTORIAL - Custom Cable Tidies

Posted in Tutorials by Zap! Creatives on Sep 26th, 2016

This tutorial contains everything you need to know about creating your own custom cable tidies.

1. Download our templates

To start submitting your custom cable tidies you’ll need to download our design templates. Templates are available in both Photoshop (.psd) and Illustrator (.ai) formats and can be downloaded from the cable tidy product page or by clicking this link here.

Each template comes with a working area where you will import or create your designs.

2. Understanding our layers

Open the template and you will see 3 layers in the layers Palette. If you can't see the Layers Palette, hit F7 to make it appear.

Please don't rename existing layers or create additional layers as this will confuse our systems when processing your designs.

If you have used any effects / layer styles on any of your layers you MUST flatten them before saving. To do this simply right click on the applicable layer and select 'Rasterize Layer Style' from the menu.

'Background' Layer This layer contains our logo and a brief set of instructions. This layer is locked and should not be used.

'Strap Artwork' Layer Use this layer to create the artwork for the 'Strap' (the bit that sits between the 2 tabs that is used to wrap the wire around).

Bleed - If you hide the 'Tabs Artwork' layer you will notice 2 areas that say 'Bleed'. These are there so that you can extend your strap artwork so that there are no visible areas of white acrylic showing under your 2 tab designs.

Tabs Artwork layer Use this layer to create the artwork for the 'Tabs' (the 2 areas that sit at the top and bottom of the strap and get folded over and joined with Velcro to secure the wires).

Depending on the shape of your tabs, some of the strap may be visible under your designs, so make sure that you use the bleed provided on the 'Strap Artwork' layer.

3a. Creating your 'Tabs'

Select the 'Tabs Artwork' layer and either paste your designs directly into this layer or create them from scratch.

The top and bottom tabs are brought together and secured with velcro so it is important that they are both the same shape so that they line up correctly.

We simply duplicated our top tab, mirrored it 90 degrees and rotated it 180 degrees.

You can create a different design altogether, just as long as it lines up when the 2 tabs are brought together.

3b. Creating your 'Strap'

Select the 'Strap Artwork' layer and either paste your design directly into this layer or create it from scratch.

The strap is the part of the cable tidy that any loose wires are coiled around. This can also be a custom shape but bare in mind that it will need to be wide (strong) enough to be able to hold a wire effectively.

4. Your cutline

We create your cutline by duplicating your artwork and offsetting it by 1mm so that there's a 1mm border between your artwork and the outside edge of your cable tidy.

This 1mm border prevents any printed areas from any heat damage caused by our lasers when we cut out your designs.


5. Submission checklist

Congratulations. You've finished creating your custom cable tidy! All you have to do now is save your design.

For Photoshop save in .psd format. Example - JoeBloggs_123456_cabletidy1.psd

For Illustrator save in .ai format. Example - JoeBloggs_123456_cabletidy1.ai

Please send all artwork to info@zapcreatives.com


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