Old Style White Charms

Old Style White Charms

Posted in Tutorials by Zap Creatives on Mar 10th, 2015

It is time to announce, with much sadness, that we will be replacing our OLD STYLE white acrylic charm printing service with our NEW STYLE white acrylic charm printing service from Monday 6th April 2015.

We first launched our custom acrylic charm printing service way back in 2009, aiming primarily at independent jewellery makers and craft enthusiasts with our printed white acrylics.

Since then we've invested in newer technologies and now offer our custom charm manufacturing services in a whopping 20 different materials & colours, to an extremely varied bunch of creative individuals and organisations.

As technology has moved on, our older printing style has become dated. Prints are not as crisp as our new style and finer details can not be achieved.

Machinery breakdowns are an all too familiar occurence too and waste/reprints are often at 40%, which has become a huge drain on both staff time and materials.

ALthough our old style charms have served us well over the years, we feel that it is now time to move on and in turn, improve our level of service to our customers.

So what can you expect from our new style charm printing?...

- Over 20 different acrylics & finishes to choose from including glow in the dark!
- Sharper prints with exceptional detailing
- Smoother cutlines
- Accurately aligned borders
- Gloss and matte varnish options
- Double sided printing (clear charms)

We do understand that there will be some frustration from some of our customers who do enjoy this printing style and this has been no easy decision to make, but the closure of this service will allow us to continue to increase the level of products and services that we continue to offer our customers.

I would liek to take this opportunity to thank to all of my customers, who have used this service and look forward to showing you all our exciting new services in the not too distant future!

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