How to create custom shaped stickers using Illustrator

How to create custom shaped stickers using Illustrator

Posted in Tutorials by Zap! on Mar 22nd, 2017

The following steps show you how to create your own custom shaped sticker designs using Adobe Illustrator.

Need help with your designs? Contact us with any questions or use our design service and let us do the work for you.

1. Download our sticker templates

Download our sticker templates from here and open your chosen size.

2. Importing your Artwork

Create or import your artwork into the 'Artwork' layer. Make sure your artwork fits inside of the template.

3. Creating your Cut Lines

Show us where you would like your stickers to be cut by creating a path on your 'Cut Line' layer.

If your artwork goes right up to the edge of your cutline, make sure you add at least 1mm of bleed to your designs to prevent any visible, unprinted vinyl edges from showing on your finished stickers.


TOP TIP: To get the most out of your custom shaped stickers we recommend avoiding cut lines with large switch backs and elements thinner than 5mm as these will be very fragile once your stickers have been popped out.

The following design is a good example of this. The cats whiskers would be too thin and complex and would result in a fragile sticker.

Where designs contain switch backs and thin elements such as whiskers or strands of hair, we would always recommend increasing your border thickness so that your stickers are more durable.


If in doubt, contact our admin team with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help.


4. Saving your designs

Save your design in Adobe Illustrator format as follows'YOURNAME-ORDER#-CUSTOMSTICKER1of2.Ai'


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