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Creating Unique Home Decor With Zap! Creatives

Creating Unique Home Decor With Zap! Creatives

Posted in Tutorials by Zap! Creatives on May 14th, 2015

The urge to personalise your living space is one that everyone shares. What can be difficult, however, is finding the actual items to customise your room or house with. With Zap! Creatives’ printing and laser-cutting services, you can design your very own decorative household objects and truly turn your house into your home.

Designing Your Own Unique Home Décor

Here at Zap! Creatives, you can create completely unique designs and see them turn into real-world items and products before your very eyes. Our bespoke products make fantastic conversation pieces, and they can really make you feel like you’ve added your personal flair to a room’s design.

  • Unique Posters – If you’re looking to liven up your blank, dismal wall space then high-quality posters are the way to go! Whether you’re decorating your bedroom, your university halls or even your living room, posters are the perfect choice for you.

    You can turn your unique designs into posters of various sizes, so you needn’t waste any wall space. The incredible poster paper that we use makes your colours bright, vibrant and striking where they should be, but soft and gentle where they need to be.
  • Bespoke Wall-Mirrors – Now, with Zap! Creatives, you can create your very own wall-mirror designs. Our reliable mirror manufacturing service even provides a template for your designs, so you can be certain that your mirror will look just the way you design it.

    When you come to order your bespoke wall-mirror, you can choose from a wide range of custom-cut acrylics, or FSC-approved plywood with acrylic-mirror inserts. This means that your finished creation will be shatter-proof, and safe to hang in a wide range of locations, including bathrooms and children’s bedrooms.
  • Personalised Lampshades – If you’re really looking to create a unique atmosphere, you can choose no better than a personalised lampshade. Why not create a laser-cut lampshade which features your child’s favourite character? Or design your own repeating pattern – with the best laser-cutting services in the UK, you can create any design you want!
  • Original Wall Art – If you feel that a poster is too small for your design, or you want to create a feature wall in your child’s bedroom, why not create some large-scale wall-art to fill the space? Instead of a blank wall, you could have your child’s favourite characters or an excerpt from their favourite book taking up the space.

Personalise Your Home With Zap! Creatives

Here at Zap! Creatives, you can take advantage of our unbeatable laser-cutting services to create unique home décor. Whether you’re moving into a new home, refurbishing a room or just looking for that perfect gift, there can be nothing better than a custom-made decorative item to make your house into a home.

For more information, or for a detailed chat about the designs that we can work with, contact us directly on 0164 224 4422 or email us at info@zapcreatives.com. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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