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Custom Build Series: Diorama by Stina Rahm

Custom Build Series: Diorama by Stina Rahm

Posted in Specials by on Feb 9th, 2018

We are continuously inspired by the art we see on a daily basis. Because of this, we decided to begin a series where we help create some unique bespoke projects to show just how an idea can become a cool reality. In our first custom build, we helped create an Acrylic Diorama stand for Stina Rahm, a video game concept artist from Gothenberg Sweden.


The First concept 



About Stina: 

I'm currently working part time in the game industry as a concept artist, and the rest of the time I'm working on my own projects, commission work etc.

I started making keychains, stickers, prints and such a couple of years ago when a friend suggested we go to conventions together. For me who makes most of my art digitally it was a strange but really cool feeling to have something as physical as for example a keychain with my own art. And people seemed to like it as well so I kept on doing more stuff.

On the original idea for the build:

Sometimes I get stuck creatively and I feel fed up with my own art. I have found that making other creative things with my hands, that are in a way more physical, helps me a lot and help me look at things from another perspective. In the past I've created little felt animals and things in clay, but it's only very recently I've started to make dioramas. I have thought about making things that are more 3D for a long time, but it wasn't until I saw other artists like, for example Cameron Garland making amazing things in paper that I tried it for myself. I also needed to practise watercolor and decided to combine the two.

With the dioramas I want to create small worlds that people can imagine themselves into.

For this specific build I wanted to make something rather simple to be able to focus on color and textures since I was interested on how it would translate on the acrylics. I also wanted to create something with a few layers to give the piece some depth. I love forests and animals so the theme felt as an easy choice. Who doesn't like bunnies?

In the early stages of the process I only used paper, pencils and watercolour. I sketched my initial ideas on paper, chose the one that spoke to me the most and started to make the actual diorama prototype after that.


I usually start by drawing the base circle on watercolor paper and then cutting it out after coloring it. Then I draw the main focus of the diorama, in this case the bunny, and glue it to the base. This to make sure that everything I place after that is not hiding or are taking too much focus away from the bunny. I then gradually build the different layers in the same way by drawing silhouettes, coloring with watercolour, cutting them out and gluing them onto the base.

When I was done and satisfied with the outcome I took some photographs and continued in Photoshop. I wanted to keep some of the watercolour texture when I started digitalize the diorama, so I painted on top of the photos of the different pieces and allowed the base to shine through.

The process in Photoshop was very similar to the one before. I painted the different pieces on different layers and made sure that they were all the right size compared to the bunny.

What are your interests?

I love drawing of course, and playing games, reading, watch movies, travel. I have a lot of interest and usually wish that the day was about 24 hours longer!

What and who inspires you?

A lot of different things! A lot of the interests mentioned above are also things that inspire me. Other artists are also a never ending stream of inspiration. I also like studying nature. Nature never fails at get my creativity flowing.

What is your favourite meal?

I don't think I can just answer with one haha! I love food. Tacos, sushi, my dad's lasagna, halloumi burgers, my mom's meatballs, fries. I could go on forever!

If you've been inspired by Stina like we have, be sure to follow along on her social media platforms and check out her Etsy store!

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Oooo this is super cute! Very clever way to use the acrylic printing technology too!