A custom rubber stamp a great crafting idea

A custom rubber stamp a great crafting idea

Posted in Printables by Zap on Jul 28th, 2016

Gone are the days when wax was poured over the folds of a letter and a stamp used to leave a personal mark – effective it might have been, but it was also very time-consuming, hot and messy. Fast forward a few hundred years and stamp technology was responsible for creating the first books and newspapers – but again, ink was extremely messy and smudges often appeared. Today stamping is a popular crafting idea, simply because it is a cheap, effective and as clean as it’s ever been – so you can see why people love doing it!

Here at Zap! Creatives we are able to make you a custom rubber stamp of your own design. If you have ever wanted to see your design being printed upon any crafting product you wish, then one of our stamping kits is a great way to achieve this!

On this subject, here are a number of different craft ideas you may want to use your own custom rubber stamp for;

  • Invitations . Got a birthday party coming up? Maybe you’re lucky enough to be getting married? A custom stamp allows you to personalise your invitations, without paying through the nose for third-party designed products. You design the stamp and have fun while you stamp them yourself!
  • Greetings Cards . We all send them out – be it for birthdays, Christmas’, anniversaries - sometimes it can be difficult to chose a card, especially with the price they can be these days! Stamping your card with a personal design of your own will avoid these problems and give your greetings a more warm, personal touch to the person you are sending it too.
  • Business Cards . The classic cliché that accompanies the making of business cards is ‘making them in a machine in a service station’ which normally produces uniformed and very uninspiring business cards. Today, the practice is more sophisticated than that - you can order them custom-made, from online retailers. If you’re looking to make your own, then stamping them with your design will add a somewhat more arty touch and may impress anyone you’d like to deal with.
  • Personal Monogram/Seal . Ever wanted to send out any letters or sign off on anything with your own personal design? Now you can! Able to be used over and over again, you will get enormous value out of your own stamp.
  • Present packaging . Very much like choosing a card, choosing the right wrapping paper can potentially prove difficult. However, you can design your own bespoke wrapping paper with your own custom rubber stamp. Imagine the surprise from your recipients when they’ll see the designs on the wrapping – they’ll want to keep the paper!
  • Return Address . If you remember to do it (many don’t!) it can be time-consuming when you have to enclose a return address on an envelope. Creating a stamp for your address will make this process a lot easier and less time-consuming, if you send out a lot of letters.

Zap! Creatives – Stamp your custom design with us!

Here at Zap Creatives we provide quality range of custom rubber stamp for whatever your creative mind can come up with. Available in single or multipacks, our stamps are cost effective and extremely well-made, leaving no smudges or creases. For more information on our services, please browse around our site, give us a call on 01642 244422 or you can e-mail us at info@zapcreatives.com


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