5 Ways To Promote Your Band With Custom Sticker Printing!

5 Ways To Promote Your Band With Custom Sticker Printing!

Posted in Printables by Zap Creatives on Apr 29th, 2016

What can we say about stickers that you didn’t already know? Colourful and fun, they were a great way to showcase your favourite things when you were younger! Whether it was a new television show, a movie or – wait for it – an awesome band, stickers are, above all else, tons of fun! If you’re in a band and you’re looking for ways to get your name out there and attract new fans, custom sticker printing is a brilliant (and inexpensive) idea. Get tips on how to promote your band with stickers and have them queuing up at the door to get into your next gig!

Get Your Band Out There With Stickers

Fans love to have band stickers to collect and stick anywhere and everywhere. Whatever audience you’re trying to attract, custom stickers enable you to reach people who would otherwise miss out (yes, it’s true that they have no idea what they’re missing!). Your stickers – no matter how brilliantly they’re designed – aren’t going to be much good if you leave them sat on your shelf collecting dust, however, so to make sure that doesn’t happen, here’s our top tips to get your band name out there.

  1. Create an appealing, standout design – If your band doesn’t have an awesome logo to go with its name, it’s time it did! It doesn’t have to be anything complex to be a success, but we would recommend opting for a bold colour that’s eye-catching.
  2. Tip with stickers – Whether you’re chilling out in a pub and think the girl behind the bar might like your music, or in a coffee shop during the day, when you pay for your drink, include one of your band’s stickers with your cash. People (in general) love to get free stuff, just be sure to give them the details of your next gig so they can check it out!
  3. Remember to include your band’s website in your sticker design – It is one thing giving stickers out to market your band, but if the people you give it out to have no idea where to find out more, it’s unlikely they’ll end up at your next gig! Even if you don’t have a website that’s dedicated to your band, at least include your Facebook or Twitter page on the edge of the design.
  4. Selling your CD or have an upcoming gig? – Include one of your custom printed stickers with any merchandise you sell, or simply give one to every fan at your next gig. If they stick it onto their bag or window, it’s free advertising for you!
  5. Stick them where you can, including onto every band member’s instrument and case – Whether you’re the drummer, lead guitarist, bass player or singer, fans in the audience are sure to notice your band’s sticker and want one of their own! Of course, if you’re sticking them in venues, make sure you get permission first.

Discover Custom Sticker Printing

We offer a reliable, high quality custom sticker printing service here at Zap! that’s sure to get your band more known! Whatever shape, size or design you’re after, visit our sticker page to find out more. Whether you’re creating a sticker for a new album or tour, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information. Call our team on +44(0)1642 244422, or email your designs over to info@zapcreatives.com.


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