Zap! Creatives Improve Laser Cutting Services With New Machinery

Zap! Creatives Improve Laser Cutting Services With New Machinery

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on Dec 19th, 2014

Zap! Creatives, a Middlesbrough based firm specialising in engraving and cutting with high-tech lasers, has recently purchased a new machine to improve their laser cutting services. With this latest acquisition, Zap! Creatives are well placed to enjoy an increase in production.

Improved Laser Cutting Services From Zap! Creatives

The Speedy 500 (also known as the SP500) is the latest piece of kit from Trotec. It includes a number of innovations designed to increase the accuracy and scale of laser cutting services.

Sitting at the top of its class in the mid-format CO2 laser range, the Speedy 500 is truly head and shoulders above the rest with phenomenal cutting and engraving quality and exceptionally fast throughput.

Why the plaudits? For starters, the SP500 features one of the largest cutting beds in its class. The 1245mm x 710mm work bed means that large scale projects and designs can easily be tackled without any hassle. Displays, signage and more can easily be created with stunning end results with the SP500!

This machine also features a large open space at the back which is known as a pass through. This means that larger materials can be fed through. This allows for a continual engraving for materials up to 1245mm wide with impressive results.

The size of the bed doesn’t affect the quality of the engraving either. Details are still sharp and well defined. As Zap! Creatives also employs some of the most talented graphic designers, your project will be in safe hands every step of the way!

Almost all regular materials commonly used in commercial laser engraving can be processed with fantastic effect with the Speedy 500. Specialised acrylics, plastics, laserable woods and even certain metals can all be engraved. Thickness is no object either. With a meaty 100 watts of laser power at their disposal cutting and engraving patterns, messages, slogans and more into materials up to 12mm thick is not a problem!

The power and the size of the work bed ensure that the SP500 is the standout laser cutter in its class. No other mid format CO2 plotter machine can really compete with it. With these crucial aspects are making the Speedy 500 an industry leader, Zap! Creatives leapt at the chance to install one in their facilities.

Quality Laser Cutting Services From Zap! Creatives

Are you looking for professionally engraved signs for your company? How about some large scale display items for your store front? Or maybe you’d prefer some intricate laser cut promotional materials? If so, contact Zap! Creatives today!

Their laser cutting services have created everything from lamps to engraved Mayan calendars and more for a variety of clients. To give your company that extra promotional boost, and take advantage of their laser cutting services, visit Zap! Creatives online today! You can view examples of their work and make any enquiries necessary. To learn more, visit today.


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