Your Essential Initial Steps To Designing Any Product

Your Essential Initial Steps To Designing Any Product

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap! Creatives on Oct 30th, 2015

The process of designing a new product – or “product design” – is, for all its hard work, incredibly exciting! If you love getting stuck into a project, are creative and like to set yourself a challenge, then we’re confident you have what it takes! Seeing your idea for a product turn into something that’s three-dimensional, tangible and real with the help of laser cutting services – even if it is just a prototype - is a wonderful feeling! However, before you begin to use Illustrator or Inkscape to create a blueprint of your product, here are some tips to consider!

Essential Product Design Tips For Start-Ups

Research - Before you start to draw up your idea, it’s worth doing some in-depth research to examine the feasibility of your vision. Are you creating something entirely new? Or is it a product that already exists on the market, albeit a little different? Whatever it is, write down some basic words to describe your product and type them into Google or other search engines to see what crops up. To help, ask yourself what potential customers would type into search engines to find your product.

If you come up blank, then it’s worth reconsidering your design; if there’s no market for your product, or need, then it’s unlikely to be successful (though there are always exceptions!). If your design is just for your own use, then forget our advice and get started on step three!

Simplify – Don’t overcomplicate your product too early. Whilst fancy features and functions might make it look impressive, it’s no good if others aren’t “quite sure” what its purpose is. Ideally, in the first instance, you want others to simply understand your product. If there’s too much going on, they may feel confused as to why they would need or want it, and if this is the case, then they’ll be much less likely to buy it!

Make a note of it! - Whether you’re still brainstorming ideas or have a clear vision in your mind’s eye of your product, write down everything so you’re less likely to forget it at a later date - this will help you to keep on track and encourage you to keep going. If you don’t feel ready yet to use our downloadable templates, a pencil and paper will help you to envisage your idea more clearly too!

Do a handmade version – This is another thing that might help! No matter how rudimentary, it will enable you to test your design at its most basic.

Use our downloadable templates – Once you feel confident that your design is ready for laser cutting services, download Inkscape or Illustrator from our site and draw up your design. If you’re not sure how to do this, we also have helpful tutorials available too.

Send us your design! – With your design specifications, our laser cutting machines will transform your vision into a reality. Then, once cut (or engraved), your design will be delivered to you. For the first time you’ll be able to unpack what was once just an idea, and all your hard work will have paid off!

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