Wear Your Favourite Marvel Characters With Our Laser-Cutting Services

Wear Your Favourite Marvel Characters With Our Laser-Cutting Services

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap! Creatives on Jun 19th, 2015

Thanks to a series of fantastic films, including Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: The Days Of Future Past and The Avengers, Marvel is one of the most popular companies in the world. Thankfully, that means that you can show off your geek-chic and love of your favourite characters, without coming off as a nerd.

When you combine your love of your favourite characters with your incredible designs and our high-quality laser-cutting services, you can create fantastic charms and pendants which look just as fantastic on a piece of jewellery, as a tag on your rucksack or as a unique key ring.

Turn Your Favourite Marvel Characters Into Cool Accessories

If you’re something of an artist, turning your favourite characters into fantastic jewellery should be an absolute snap! Even if you’re not that way inclined, here at Zap! Creatives we offer a fantastic design service to create your dream accessories to really bring your outfit to life.

Once you’ve decided to jazz up your outfit with our high-quality accessories, then your next decision is which Marvel character are you going to choose? Will you lean towards the X-Men, with their roster of colourful characters? Or do you prefer the Avengers, and their unique personalities and designs? Are you more influenced by the comic books or the movies?

With Zap! Creatives, you can pick out any character you like, and in a matter of weeks you could be proudly showing off your design at your next convention, party or class!

Who Will You Choose?

Wolverine –Played by Hugh Jackman since the first X-Men movie, Wolverine is one of the most popular characters that Marvel has ever produced. With his tragic origin story (the less said about the movie, the better), his remarkable healing powers and his world-famous adamantium claws, Wolverine is a striking character that is perfect for your attentions.

Whether you choose to go for the modernised version, which his leather coats and cigar, or the traditional design in fluorescent yellow spandex, Wolverine is an ideal Marvel character for your designs.

Iron Man – Another striking character from Marvel’s roster, Iron Man – Tony Stark – was most recently portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. As the most popular member of the Avengers, and a leading figure in the up and coming Civil War, Stark is also one of the most recognisable, thanks to his unique yellow and red armour.

The Iron Man film itself is held as one of the most responsible for the surge in popularity, with the exception of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, of the superhero film as a genre.

Deadpool– The world-famous ‘Merc with a Mouth’, Wade Wilson is one of the most popular characters for die-hard comic book fans. Played by Ryan Reynolds in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie (a performance that most fans have blatantly ignored or even denied), Deadpool is well known for his humour and his constant breaking of the fourth-wall.

His strikingly simple mask, which is red with black streaks around his eyes, is instantly recognisable, and is one of the most common sights at a comic book or video game convention.

There are hundreds more memorable characters which you could choose to decorate yourself with! Do you have a favourite Marvel character, or do you prefer DC’s offerings? Get active with our social media today, and be sure to let us know. We have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Let Your Favourite Characters Come To Life, With Our Laser-Cutting Services!

Here at Zap! Creatives, we are proud to offer affordable, high-quality laser-cutting services to let you realise your designs. Our products are hard-wearing, reliable and can easily be printed onto a wide range of materials, including coloured acrylic and wooden alternatives.

For more information, or to start creating your fantastic designs using our laser-cutting services, contact us today on 01642 244 422 or email us directly at info@zapcreatives.com!


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