Want To Promote Your Brand? Use Laser Cutting Services Today

Want To Promote Your Brand? Use Laser Cutting Services Today

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on Oct 17th, 2014

Competition is tough in the world of business, no matter what industry you’re in. It’s getting harder and harder to standout from the pack so businesses need to consider every detail to make their company unique. Laser cutting services from Zap! Creatives can make standing out in the crowd a whole lot easier!

How Can Laser Cutting Services Help Promote My Brand?

Making a statement in any industry takes initiative and imagination, but in the past the opportunities have been limited. With our lasers, however, doors have well and truly been opened and you can start getting creative with promoting your brand with laser cutting services. Here are just some of the ways laser cutting can promote your brand.

Get Creative – Let clients and customers see your brand’s unique style through your promotions with custom made signs, displays and flyers. Marketing should reflect your business, so don’t be confined to more traditional and formal advertisement. Be creative!

Unique Products – The best way to standout is to offer something totally different from competitors. This means your unique products need to be marketed in new and innovative ways. Laser cutting allows your creative juices to flow so you can design different promotional items such as signage, window displays and other marketing materials. Make sure your business cards aren’t just picked up and thrown away with laser cut designs which will impress!

Eye-Catching – Signs and window displays can be designed in any size, font and colour to ensure they are unique to your company. Window displays can be used to advertise services anywhere to increase exposure. Make sure your products catch the eye on the shelves with laser cut packaging. Our precision lasers can create packages with stunning, intricate designs which will surely attract the attention of customers.

How Does Laser Cutting Work To Create Marketing Items?

Laser cutting services give businesses a way of separating themselves from the competition. The process from design to printing is a simple way of ensuring your business is unique to your industry.

Design – Make sure your products reflect your business by creating your own designs using Inkscape or Illustrator. Our website includes a series of ‘how to’ tutorials to get you started to ensure the design is in the right format. We also have a design service to help with any formatting problems.

Laser Configuration – Using the details specified in your design, we configure our laser cutting machine to suit your design. We use large format C02 lasers with cutting bed sizes of 800x400mm, which allows us to cut a huge range of materials including acrylic, wood and fabric.

Laser Gets to work – Our machines then cut along the path of the drawing strokes on your design. Our lasers can engrave font as small as 6pt and lines 0.5mm wide to create beautiful designs with incredible detail.

Laser Cutting Services From Zap! Creatives

To create unique marketing items to promote your brand, call us at Zap! Creatives and take advantage of the creative license only laser cutting services can provide.

Call us today 01642 244422 or e-mail info@zapcreatives.com to discuss all our laser cutting services and how they can boost your business’ brand awareness!


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