The Remarkable Life of a Laser Cutting Machine

The Remarkable Life of a Laser Cutting Machine

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on May 9th, 2016

Laser cutting machines have come a long way since the first very gas-assisted laser-cutter in 1967. While they were primarily developed as a tool for military applications, they quickly became considered for industrial applications, too. In less than half a century, laser cutters have transformed the world as we knew it; its influence can be seen in a plethora of everyday objects, from the computer mouse to a basic clock, and also more unusual, one-off items as well, such as a beautiful sculpture or a laser-cut charm necklace.

How Have Laser Cutters Helped To Change The World We Live In?

Whether it’s being used for practical purposes in a laboratory or as a way for an artist to express his or her self, the laser cutter today is simply indispensable. As a company that specialises in custom laser cutting in the UK, we would know!

A quick search of ‘#lasercut’ on Instagram leads to well over 200,000 posts, ranging from intricately cut high heels and fashion earrings, to wall art and furniture for the home. There’s even laser-cut Star Wars toast! While some might’ve been created for serious commercial purposes and others just for fun, each item has one thing in common. They have each been designed on a computer by somebody who had an idea and turned to the laser cutter to help him or her make it a reality.

The modern day laser cutting machine has worked with a variety of materials, from maple and walnut wood, to bright orange, sparkly or even metallic acrylic! Once the desired material has been chosen and carefully measured up, the laser-cutter is then free to work its magic, cutting and engraving one-of-a-kind designs, such as necklace charms, bespoke wall mirrors and more fantastic ideas!

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Get In Touch For Laser Cutting In The UK

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