Stepping Up Our Laser Cutting Services With Our New Large Laser Cutter

Stepping Up Our Laser Cutting Services With Our New Large Laser Cutter

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on Dec 16th, 2014

At Zap! Creatives, we’re always on the lookout for the latest pieces of kit. This way, we can get them in our facilities and begin creating cutting edge products and step up our laser cutting services. The most recent addition to our lineup is the Trotec Speedy 500 laser cutter.

Improving Our Laser Cutting Services With The Trotec Speedy 500

The Speedy 500 is a cutter we’re very excited to be using at Zap! Creatives. We already offer a comprehensive range of engraving, cutting and other services for our customers. This latest piece of machinery means we can expand our operations and pass the advantages on to you!

Industry experts believe this laser engraving machine sits at the top of its class in the mid-format CO2 laser range and is one of, if not the, most productive CO2 lasers. In fact, they’re saying its miles ahead of its closest competitor.

So what sets this laser cutter apart from others commonly used in the industry? Well, there is the large working area for starters. The work bed measures a big 1245mm x 710mm. This allows us to work on larger scale projects for any number of clients! Need large laser cut signage? You got it! Need displays for your store? We can easily handle almost any task with our Speedy 500! This is one of the largest bed sizes available for commercial laser engraving.

The cutter also includes a pass through. This is essentially a spacious opening at the back. In practical terms, this means that longer materials can be easily accommodated. It also means that we can engrave or cut continuously, materials up to 1245mm wide. We’re happy to add this to our laser cutting services making us your number one choice for large scale engraving or if your materials require that extra laser-cut touch.

The size of the bed in no way impacts upon the detail cut by the lasers. Cuts made are still 100% accurate plus engraving remains sharp and defined. All results from the Speedy 500 end up coming out looking spectacular.

All of our regular materials can be happily cut with our Speedy 500. Acrylic, laserable wood, plastics and more are just crying out to be given a once over on the super large work bed. The 100w of power allows us to cut even the thickest of materials, increasing the versatility of the service we offer. Combined with the formidable speed and quality that this machine provides, we think that you will agree that this is the ideal tool for large scale laser engraving.

Professional Laser Cutting Services Just Got Improved

Want to take advantage of the improved accuracy and detail afforded by the Trotec Speedy 500? Then give us a ring today. We can provide laser cut objects for numerous industries; all engraved to the highest possible standard.

To give your company that extra promotional boost, and take advantage of our laser cutting services, please contact us today. You can reach us via phone on +44(0)1642 244422 for a natter or fill out our online contact form to chew the fat with one of our experts.


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