Potential Laser Markets You Shouldnt Ignore

Potential Laser Markets You Shouldnt Ignore

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on Oct 14th, 2014

Despite the varied capabilities of laser engraving and laser cutting, the full potential of this amazing service is still not fully utilised! The biggest advantage to laser cutting is its versatility, but still there are a range of markets untouched, even though new possibilities are available with the help of laser cutting. Here are the potential laser markets that Zap! Creatives can help you tap into.

Laser Cutting Is Perfect For A Variety Of Markets

Engraved wood is a very popular area because of the beautiful finish lasers can produce. Personalised gifts made from wood are sought after and range from ink pens, key fobs and luggage tags, to keepsake boxes and photo albums. With lasers, it is a simple process and a quick way to a make product more valuable. Wooden plaques are also popular, but why not engrave a wooden bowl or a cutting board? Wood is a great source for cheap, but stunning items with a potential for a sizeable profit!

Marking and engraving acrylic via laser cutting opens the door to signage and taps into a similar market as wood for gift items and awards. Acrylic is a great material for small key rings and charms, as well as sun catchers and ornaments. Laser cutting means small letters and designs are not a problem, which paves the way for great ornament and charm designs.

Personalised glass or stemware can make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries or milestone birthdays. Glass coasters can also be a good gift idea or used as promotional items. Mirrored glass can also be used to make beautiful unique products and there is opportunity to add colour to create different effects. Mirror is easy to cut and looks great framed. Why not engrave these with Zap! Creatives today?

What Else Can You Use Laser Cutting For?

Ceramic is another versatile material and can be used to produce coffee cups, ornaments and tiles. There is particular scope for ceramic tiles, which when personalised go up in value and can be used in a variety of places. Laser engraved tiles can be used at home, in a restaurant or in other businesses to create wall murals. They can also be used for signs around pools, saunas or hot tubs.

Almost everything has a label on it and there are so many materials that can be laser cut that it makes an ideal choice. Safety labels, warning labels, instructional labels, bar code stickers and window stickers are just a few labels you will see on any given day and they can be made using almost anything. You can also use leftover material so there’s a chance of bigger profit.

Laser Engraving & Laser Cutting Services From Zap! Creatives

At Zap! Creatives, we specialise in laser engraving and laser cutting services for a wide range of applications. We use high speed laser cutting technologies to produce your designs quickly. We operate on large format C02 lasers on a cutting bed of 400 X 800mm, which means we can provide our services on a variety of projects, large or small with fast turnarounds.

If you are looking for laser engraving or laser cutting services then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for a quote on your project. Email info@zapcreatives.com or call 01642


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