Make Christmas Magical With Laser Cutting Services In London

Make Christmas Magical With Laser Cutting Services In London

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on Nov 21st, 2014

State of the art laser cutting hardly invokes ideas of a traditional, cosy Christmas, but laser cutting offers much more than you imagined. The range of materials we can laser cut and the ideas we can bring to life with our laser cutting services in London makes Zap! Creatives all the more exciting. However we also know that creativity doesn’t come natural to many people, so to sprinkle some magic over your Christmas this year, we’ve put together some gift and decorative ideas you can use!

Create Enchanting Gifts And Decorations This Christmas With Laser Cutting Services!

Zap! Creatives specialise in laser cutting services in London and throughout the UK. Although we use precision technology to craft items, what we make is often a far cry from the iPads, tablets and other expensive technological devices we see on the market today. Traditional gifts like those made with wood are still much loved at Christmas however, especially when they’re personalised. We may be experts with lasers, but we love designing too! Here are some stunning laser cutting Christmas ideas:

Christmas Tree Decorations

  • Wooden - The first ever Christmas tree is documented to have been decorated around 500 years ago in Northern Europe in Latvia. So why not make a custom tree decoration made from our Latvian Birch Plywood? Wooden Christmas tree decorations have been around long before any of us were born, and they can make truly special and meaningful Christmas gifts, especially when they’re personalised! Try a tree design, an angel, snowflakes, a star, Father Christmas, or any design you can come up with!
  • Acrylic - We also have coloured, frosted and glitter acrylic materials (in gold, silver, blue, red & pink) we can laser cut to capture the light and give any Christmas tree a sophisticated, magical shine!

Engraved Pieces

  • Would you love a modern work of art to compliment your home? Know of somebody who is mad about elephants? Cats? Do you have children who can’t get enough of a particular cartoon character or band member? Why not have your design engraved onto a smooth wooden or acrylic piece? Better than any poster, present a lasered gift to somebody special (such as yourself) that is truly personal and it will be treasured forever. Remember we can cut into pieces too, so cup coasters for instance, could be engraved with a pattern and have a heart cut into the middle.

Jewellery & Fashion Gifts

  • We have lots of fun and original laser cut jewellery that would make the perfect gift for anyone who is young at heart or just loves anything completely unique! Design your own or browse through our modern jewellery today! Also, who says we must wear fabric? We can make wooden bows, ties, cufflinks, and so much more with our UK laser cutting services!

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