Laser Cutting In The UK To Help You Get More Custom

Laser Cutting In The UK To Help You Get More Custom

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap! Creatives on Nov 30th, 2015

If youre a small or medium-sized business in search of a service that will provide an extra edge to your brand to entice customers in, laser cutting in the UK may be just what youre after.

Whilst online marketing can attract customers from the web onto your site, clever, professional signage can significantly increase foot traffic into your shop. But what else can tempt people to enter your store, instead of them just walking past? Take a look at these tips and make your business more successful!

How NOT To Attract Customers Into Your Shop

  • A mysterious lack of pricing on your shop window products Even with beautiful signage created by laser cutting in the UK, no price tags on your products instantly screams expensive. Even if you sell luxury items that are expensive, its best to be clear from the onset about price, as even those with money to spend will appreciate honesty.

  • Constant sales A sale is nice (attractive even), but only when its exclusive. If you advertise that there are only 5 days left of a 50% sale or similar but then keep the sign on display for a month, customers will soon catch on. Also, a sale sign might get people to enter your shop, but if, for example, theres actually only one rack of clothing on sale and not the entire shop, this is quite misleading too and youll find customers will leave as quick as they enter.

  • Long queues No matter how desirable a product. In the UK most people can think of better ways to spend their weekend than stood in a long queue that seemingly never ends. The solution is quite simple - hire enough staff and make sure they serve customers in good time. This doesnt mean your employees should rush or give a below par service (as this is more likely to result in small mistakes that can take longer to resolve and infuriate customers), but instead they should aim to work as efficiently as possible.

  • Dont just copy Think about why you would buy your product or service over a competitors equivalent offering and tell people about it with advertising. John Lewis slogan never knowingly undersold is a great example of brilliant marketing.

    Even if you sell laser cut products that are exactly the same as your competitors over the road, by advertising your commitment to every customers satisfaction, youll gain the curiosity of people and theyll want to find out if youre as good as you say you are. Even if you know that your competitor offers an excellent service too, good marketing can make all the difference. It doesnt have to be about service. It could be about a particular products strength that others arent shouting about. However, with all that said, dont break promises or lie either!

Exceptional Laser Cutting In The UK For SMEs

Need laser cutting in the UK? We provide businesses of all sizes a range of bespoke services to improve their brand awareness and give them an edge over their competitors. If you would like more information, dont hesitate to get in touch with us on +44(0)1642 244422. Alternatively, email our team at


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