Laser Cut Rocket - Part 1

Laser Cut Rocket - Part 1

Posted in Laser Cutting by The Zap! Team on Jan 14th, 2016

Hey there!

Here at Zap we are always looking for new inspiration and creative projects. With the recent headlines and exciting news about Tim Peake becoming the FIRST EVER official UK Astronaut (how awesome is that?!) we have been especially inspired by all things to do with space!!

With that in mind, we thought we would share two projects we found on the web. Within these projects, you can make yourself your very own rockets and do some space exploring for yourself! (Or explore as far as your imagination lets you anyway!)

The first project is for beginners. An easy 6 part template that slots together, with a nice snug fit. For this we used our 3mm UV pink acrylic.

Once the rocket was laser cut and peeled, the construction began! It’s really simple to construct, as long as you insert the piece with a tab near the tail fin last!

It might take some wiggling to get the pieces to fit together right, but don’t get too rough! Acrylic at 3mm, cut to this kind of detail can sometimes be a little fragile. (Okay I admit, we broke one of the pieces the first time round!).

We always recommend limiting your thin bits to a minimum of your chosen materials overall thickness. So no thinner than 3mm when using 3mm thick materials and 5mm when using 5mm thick materials, etc.

Make sure you are using the disc with slots running through the circles – this will give you a bit of wiggle room when it comes to inserting the fuselage parts. Once the three fuselage parts are sitting snug in the disc, you can then slide on the other two, biggest first. And Voila! How easy was that?!

Projects like this really show you how simple but effective laser cutting can be! You don’t have to be a total design mastermind and make 10 feet tall rockets with moving parts to have fun… but how cool would that be!

Make sure you check back the same time next week as we will be sharing the second rocket project, and it’s going to be a big one!

We’d like to thank user ‘masynmachien’ over at for sharing this really fun template with us. All credits for design go to him!

You can download the plans for this laser cut rocket here...



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