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Improved Laser Cutting Services

Improved Laser Cutting Services

Posted in Laser Cutting by Dave on Aug 30th, 2016


After an impressive 9 years we've finally upgraded our old CO2 laser cutting machines with 2 brand new laser cutters, bristling with the latest advances in laser cutting technology and allowing us to continue to provide all of our customers with the best laser cutting results available.

Our old 50w CO2 machines operated non-stop for almost a decade and formed the backbone of our manufacturing company, providing custom laser cutting services for a wide variety of industries.

With our recent investment into 2 brand new 80w machines we are now able to back up our awesome customer service and fast turnaround times with even higher quality results.

Compared to our old machines, which were only capable of achieving 1000 ppi (ppi = pulses per inch, which is the amount of times the laser pulses per linear inch of travel), our new machines are able to achieve a phenomenal 80000 ppi, which means more accurate vector engraved details and smoother, more polished laser cut edges with less visible striations (the vertical cutting lines often seen around the edge of laser cut material).

Raster engraved details have also been greatly improved with crisper and more precise raster engraved details now visibly apparent.


We've also added a camera to one of our new machines which will be used to process any printed designs such as our custom printed acrylic charms. This means that we now have 2 machines cutting your custom printed charm orders, allowing us to keep up with demand without affecting our super fast turnaround times.

What's Changed? - Raster Engraved Settings

Although we have tried to stay as close to our old laser cutting settings as possible, we have had to make 2 slight adjustments to our raster engraving colours. The new colour values for raster engraving are now...

Light Raster Engraving = R:150 G:150 B:150
Medium Raster Engraving = R:75 G:75 B:75

Heavy Raster Engraving = R:0 G:0 B:0

Click here to download our laser cutting colour palettes, they make creating laser cutting files so much simpler.

These amendments allow us to continue to offer 3 different depths of engraving whilst providing consistent results for both old and new designs.

Please note however that your new laser cut items will look different to any past designs that you've received from us, but the changes are for the better as the quality is greatly improved when compared to our old machines.

Best Quality Laser Cutting Services

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality custom laser cutting services by investing in the latest laser cutting technology and continuing to offer a wide range of unique laser cutting materials many of which cannot be found elsewhere. Such as glow in the dark acrylic and pre-glued, self adhesive acrylics and woods.

We love nothing more than hearing from our laser cutting customers and seeing their laser cut components transformed into finished designs so please do get in touch and let us know what you've been up to. We'd love to promote your talent via our laser cutting blog.


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