How To Raise Awareness With Custom Sticker Printing

How To Raise Awareness With Custom Sticker Printing

Posted in Laser Cutting by The Zap! Team on Mar 21st, 2016

Here at Zap! Creatives we think stickers are underrated; when we were kids, we’d proudly boast the primary blue “Well done!” sticker we were awarded for good behaviour at school; and if a pristine sheet of stickers ever unexpectedly slid out of our favourite magazine onto the floor, or we left the dentists armed with a new toothbrush and some cool new stickers, we’d happily spend the rest of the afternoon decorating any surface we could get our hands on. Whether it was the fridge (much to the dismay of mum), the walls or ourselves, there’s something about stickers that’s instantly appealing to us all.

Custom sticker printing isn’t just for kids who love to express their creativity; they’re also fantastic for raising awareness of a cause you believe in or promoting your business. Find out more about our sticker printing service and keep reading to get your message or brand name out there for all to see!

How Can Custom Stickers Help To Raise Awareness Of Your Cause?

There are a number of street artists whose main choice of medium is the lovable sticker; some have a message they passionately want to share, while others just want to help people see their surroundings in a different way. Madison McCormick, a university student studying at NYU in America, was so moved by the current Syrian refugee crisis, she took to sticker designing to raise awareness for her final year project on street art. Since the stickers disintegrate as they’re exposed to the elements, they don’t leave any lasting damage on walls over the city, and so they offered the perfect medium for her to raise awareness!

This is just one example of how stickers can be used to get a message that’s important to you out into the public eye. However, street art isn’t the only option (we know that authorities aren’t always as accepting as we’d like them to be); your custom-made stickers can be put onto almost anything, from letters and greeting cards to posters and more - they’re so versatile that they’re ideal for helping to spread your message and keep it alive!

If you’re reading this with your business in mind, then custom sticker printing can help to market your company in a similar way. Whether it’s your company logo, brand name or something else you have in mind, you can promote your company and add a touch of ingenuity to your products and packaging easily with custom stickers.  

Choose Zap For Custom Sticker Printing

Here at Zap! Creatives we have over a decade of experience designing, laser cutting and creating unique and high quality products to help promote your business or other individual project! Whether you’re like to find out more about our sticker making service, acrylic charms, tea light holders or any of our other products, why not get in touch with our dedicated and expert team today? Call +44(0)1642 244422, or email


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