How To Inspire Creativity In Your Business

How To Inspire Creativity In Your Business

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap! Creatives on Sep 14th, 2015

All businesses - whether they’re in the creative industry or not - will at some point get stuck in a rut and find it difficult to come up with big ideas that will really make them stand out in a crowd and enable their business to take off. There’s an abundance of ways you can inspire creative thought in your workplace, from utilising laser cutting services in surprising ways, to simply setting reachable creative goals for your employees to meet. Here’s some great advice to get started!

How To Motivate Your Employees’ To Be More Creative

Knowing how to extract one-of-a-kind ideas out of your employees to make your business the best it can be is no straightforward task. Whilst thinking about your aspiration to be No.1 in the world might give you a buzz, a better place to start to make this aspiration a reality is with your employees. If you can somehow figure out a way to make them happy at work, without making them less productive, you’re going to have a much better and brighter future to look forward to. This might sound obvious, but not all employers will prioritise the happiness of their staff.

Creating a good work culture is about making people feel truly valued and supported. There are numerous ways you can do this, such as by adopting a more flexible work approach, or by giving all employees the opportunity to have a say in how they think things could improve. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the means to be as innovative as leading corporations such as Google, for example, which gives its employees an incredible amount of freedom – from writing on the walls and arriving to work any time they like, to wearing pyjamas and bringing their pet along for company. By allowing for freedom of expression and creating a fun and relaxed workplace environment, Google automatically benefits from more creative and dedicated employees.

Research suggests that even small office design changes in a work environment that give employees a chance to input their creative ideas can have a significant impact on the success of a business. No matter how irrelevant an office design might be to the business itself, an unconventional workspace that allows employees to think outside of the box can help to encourage them. On a smaller scale, why not put up a whiteboard in the office kitchen with a weekly or monthly challenge or question that everyone can contribute to?

Random stimulus such as objects, laser cut wall art and magazine cuttings can all serve as inspiration for creative ideas, and it’s well known that a change of scenery always helps, too! Why not take a look at our laser cutting services and add some colour and style to your office?

As a last point, always be open to new ideas. It can be daunting for an employee to share a creative idea and take a step outside of their comfort zone in the first place, so if an idea is mocked or discouraged, it’s unlikely the same person will risk sharing an inventive idea again. In group brainstorming sessions, some might not feel comfortable sharing their ideas for risk of judgement, so consider smaller groups instead.

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