How Can Families Benefit From Laser Cutting Services?

How Can Families Benefit From Laser Cutting Services?

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on Nov 24th, 2014

Your loved ones, or important business clients, would love a custom made gift this year. Sure, there are a ton of card sites out there that let you personalise their cards with images and a nice little message, but with Zap! Creatives you can do SO much more. Our laser cutting services aren’t just for wealthy companies either; Zap! Creatives take orders from £25, and for that price they can create personal, intricate, and gorgeous gifts for the home or to wear, too. Have we piqued your curiosity yet?

Custom Laser Cut Gifts For Family, Friends And You

1. Decorative Room Divider – Live in a modern apartment that’s so open plan you can see the kitchen sink, the sofa and your bed without turning your head once? It’s time to invest in a room divider – a snazzy one, mind – designed by you, and created by us. Subtler than a brick wall, and without losing that ‘open plan’ feel, a laser cut room divider will ooze style and sophistication, and create a little more privacy in your apartment when it’s needed most!

2. Wall Art – Suitable for children and adults too! Our laser cutting services can be used to create a timeless design such as a smiley sun for your baby’s bedroom, a happy giraffe, a train, or little individual butterflies out of smooth quality wood or coloured acrylic. They’ll last for generations and give your child’s room a little character! For adults, how about a skyline silhouette, birds, or an abstract piece? Simply send your design over to our team and receive a simple, no obligation quote.

3. Lamp Shades – Do story time with a difference this year with a lamp that brings them to life. Does your child have a favourite story? Why not give them a lamp with their favourite character on? Or go modern with geometric patterns and liven up the room.

4. Nursery Cot Mobiles – Give your baby a kiss goodnight and let them drift to sleep using laser cutting services to create the pieces for a beautiful custom made cot mobile. Use wood to go with your wooden cot for a traditional feel, or use transparent acrylic coloured pieces to capture the light and give your baby a delightful visual show they will love. A similar idea to this is a modern laser cut dream catcher, a perfect gift idea for child or teenage daughter!

5. The Beginnings Of A Laser Cut Clock – Zap! Creatives can’t help you with the motor and clock hands of your clock - just like they wouldn’t sell you a bulb for your lamp! - But these parts can be purchased very cheaply! Simply create your design with a hole where the motor and hands will go and we’ll get lasering!

Laser Cutting Services From Zap! Creatives

There are so many more things you can do with laser cutting services and Zap! Creatives have the brains and tools to create almost anything! Perhaps you’ve thought of an idea but you’re not quite sure if it would work – no worries – simply call us on +44(0)1642 244422 or ask us via our easy-peasy form here.


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