Don't Wait Until Tomorrow! Design Today!

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow! Design Today!

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on Jan 14th, 2015

The creative mind is, often, only constrained by one aspect of the design process; how to effectively turn your imagination into reality. Well, with the very best laser cutting in London and across the UK, you can guarantee that your creativity remains completely unshackled with Zap! Creatives.

Whether you want to create pins, stickers or charms and pendants, Zap! Creatives are capable of cutting from a wide range of materials, including various coloured acrylics, plastics and birch plywood, to ensure that your perfect design maintains the look, the feel and the durability that it deserves.

What Can Unbeatable Laser Cutting Create?

The possibilities are endless with laser cutting in London and across the UK. From cameo frames and inserts to decorative pins and badges, you can create completely unique products for personal use, free gifts or to sell from your very own indie store! Just a few examples of the kinds of designs you can create include;

  • Cameo Frames & Inserts – For an even more in-depth personalisation, without having to sacrifice the ability to customise the appearance after the design, create your very own cameo frame with a wide range of accompanying inserts.

    As these inserts can be taken out and swapped at will, there’s no need to stick with the same accessory day-in, day-out!

    From intricate, traditional framing designs to comic-book style explosions, complement your appearance with an ever-changing array of inserts to add a fresh accessory every time.
  • Pendants & Charms – Perhaps the service which we are most known for, turning your designs into unique pendants and charms to be attached to jewellery and bags or as alternatives to traditional business cards for designers and other creative professions.

    Our pendants and charms are both high-quality and durable and are an incredible way to show off your individuality and creativity.
  • Unique Key Rings – If you’ve ever had trouble identifying your keys from someone else’s, or you feel that they fail to express your personality, customising them with an incredible and personal design can be just the thing to liven them up.
  • Custom Stickers – From stickers to promote businesses, to free gifts and completely decorative products, transferring your designs to products which you can then customise your own belongings or advertise your own independent business!

Laser Cutting In London From Zap! Creatives

Here at Zap! Creatives, we guide you through every step of the design process. We specialise in transforming sketches and rough ideas into stunning, laser-friendly designs; from coming up with a whole new range of products for your growing business’ advertising or simply adapting that scribbled design for the clearest laser cutting imaginable!

If you’re all out of carrier pigeons, personal messengers or an intricate organisation of spies passing hastily hand-written notes across the country, you can email us at or call us up on 0164 224 4422.

Be sure to visit our website and see a few examples of the incredible designs we’ve worked on previously, or follow us on social media to hear about the latest in laser cutting in London and across the UK.


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