Design Your Own Laser Engraved Christmas Cards With Zap!

Design Your Own Laser Engraved Christmas Cards With Zap!

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on Nov 18th, 2013

Instead of sending out traditional Christmas cards this year, why not try something a bit more unusual and creative? Our laser engraving services can help you create completely unique cards for your friends and family. All you need to do is create the artwork that you would like to feature on your card and send it to us. We will work our magic from that point onwards to help you create your beautiful bespoke greeting cards. Struggling for ideas for your card? Don’t worry; our friendly design team is here to help you out!

Create Unique Cards With Expert Laser Engraving

Traditional Christmas cards are no match for your imagination when it comes to the possibilities that laser engraving and laser cutting offers you. Choose from a wide range of materials available in a variety of colours and finishes to create your greeting cards.

Here we have a few of the most popular ideas and designs for Christmas, why not use one as a starting point for creating your own Christmas artwork?

  • Clear acrylic laser-cut snowflakes engraved with greetings. You can even use these items as distinctive and contemporary ornaments or modern Christmas tree decorations.
  • Laser engraved birch plywood can also be a great idea for your Christmas cards. Unusual and long-lasting, it will become the perfect keepsake for your family and friends. What’s more, it can be engraved with very fine details, so you could even have a photograph engraved on it.
  • Use a combination of laser cut pieces to create a unique Christmas greeting card. For instance, you can combine a sheet of clear acrylic with our birch plywood to create a quirky card. Or you can use several colours of acrylic and create a greeting card puzzle!

With our state of the art laser machine, the possibilities really are endless, and your creative vision, whatever it may be, can become a reality. Bring out your creative side and give something completely out of the ordinary to your loved ones this festive season.

Zap! Creatives: Your Source Of Inspiration For Crafts And DIY

Get stuck into a creative project this Christmas and produce original greeting cards and gifts. We offer a quick turnaround to ensure that you have your gifts and greeting cards ready in time.

Zap! Creatives are your one-stop online source for crafts inspiration and invention, especially when it comes to laser engraving and laser cutting. You will also find an extensive range of customisable jewellery which also makes a great gift. Choose from a wide range of original charms, chains and everything in between to create unique pendants, necklaces or bracelets.

Personalised gifts like these not only reveal your creative streak, but also show your thoughtfulness. Take a look at what Zap! Creatives have on offer and blow everyone away with original, unique crafted gifts.

If you’d like to find out more about professional laser engraving and laser cutting services at Zap! Creatives, feel free to email us on or call +44 (0) 1642 244422.


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