Creative Type? Discover Laser Cutting Services

Creative Type? Discover Laser Cutting Services

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap! Creatives on May 23rd, 2016

We know, laser cutting in London doesn’t sound very exciting at all, but we’d like to delve into how this unique way of crafting things can be hugely beneficial to creative types. It’s not all about laser-cut furniture for offices and the home; these impressive machines can precisely cut and engrave any artwork or design on laserable materials, including acrylic and wood, so what are you waiting for? Have a read of about our custom laser cutting services below and create something worth talking about!

How Can Creatives Benefit From The Laser Cutter?

We know how challenging it can be to think of new ideas for your artwork or quirky products for your shop. Perhaps you want to go into the unknown and try a different art medium. Whatever your reasons for being interested in laser cutting in London, look no further than Zap! Creatives for a service you can rely on. Here are just a few of the fun products we can create:

1. Custom Pocket Mirror – Who knew that a pocket mirror could be so fun? Whether you regularly draw illustrations and think your art would look great on a pocket mirror, or you’ve been inspired by other designs, our bespoke pocket mirrors are simply brilliant. Be it an animal-inspired design, anime or something else entirely, make it as serious or as amusing as you like.

2. Custom Stamps – Custom stamp sets are a joy to create, but are even more fun to use! Be as creative as you like and use your stamps to enhance cards, gift tags, scrapbooks and more, or sell them as sets online or in your shop.

3. 3D Papercraft Model – These cute papercraft models are a brilliant gift idea! Design your own imaginary character or model it off somebody else, then all you have to do is pop the design out and construct it. Magic!

4. Coasters – Create the loveliest coasters using laser cutting services and never drink a thing without a smile on your face again!

5. Custom Wooden and Acrylic Charms – The jewellery world is your oyster with our laser cutting charm service! Design charms to create into necklaces, bracelets and more for your business. No matter how fun or funky, our experienced team is on hand to help!

6. Bespoke Acrylic Standees – Great for parties, point of sales and as trophies, these clever ornaments stand upright to showcase your design, so whether it’s a company logo or a pirate for a pirate-themed party, why not check them out?

Create With Laser Cutting In London

Feeling inspired? Now you know what’s possible, why not create your own designs and send them over so we can get cracking? If you would like more information about our unique range of custom products, or are unsure how to submit your designs, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. Call +44(0)1642 244422 today or email


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