Create Marketing Material For Your Brand With Laser Cutting

Create Marketing Material For Your Brand With Laser Cutting

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on Sep 17th, 2014

If you are looking for laser cutting in London then Zap! Creatives is the perfect place for you. Zap! Creatives use the latest high speed lasers to bring you high quality designs that are ideal for your marketing campaign.

How Can Laser Cutting Help Promote Your Brand?

If you want to promote your brand then you’ll need something unique and eye-catching. After all, you want your brand to stand out from the crowd so that customers and clients will notice. Laser cutting in London from Zap! Creatives can produce high quality designs in order to create a variety of top-notch promotional materials.

You can create hundreds of different marketing material with laser cutting including coasters, key rings, badges and much more. Anything you want your logo on can be laser cut and etched beautifully thanks to our team of highly knowledgeable creative wizards.

There is a vast range of different materials that you can choose from for your designs at Zap! Creatives! These include wood, acrylic and natural fabrics. Our laser cutter at Zap! Creatives can cut large designs, up to 800x 400mm if you are looking for something a bit bigger for your marketing material. Smaller designs can be cut for pens and USBs.

If want intricate and detailed work for your brand image, then Zap! Creatives have just the thing - laserable wood! This is birch plywood that has been made through sticking together thin sheets of wood veneer with resilient, tight-bonding glue.

The material is perfect if you want an intricate design etched as the laserable wood produces high quality details. This would be an ideal material to choose if you wanted some coasters produced that were shaped like your company’s logo. This would be an excellent piece of marketing material that you can create using laser cutting.

Any of the different types of acrylic that Zap! Creatives offer would be perfect to create signage for your business. There is a myriad of colours and shades to choose from so you can pick a colour that matches your company’s character and personality. The logo and the brand name is not the only thing that makes a person think of a brand; it’s also the colours that they associate with it to! This means that you can utilise the rainbow of colours that are available from Zap! Creatives for your marketing materials.

Zap! Creatives – Number One For Laser Cutting In London

Zap! Creatives are a team of laser engraving experts that operate the latest, high speed laser machines, ensuring a quality product with a quick turnaround time. Dealing with a wide range of creative professionals and hobbyists alike, the Zap! Team also offers sticker printing, custom charm making, and other design related services.

Zap! Creatives is the perfect place if you are looking for laser cutting in London or the UK to create your marketing material. It is easy to have your designs laser cut and etched by us all you have to do is send in your designs to


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