Check Out These Inspiring Laser-Cut Creations!

Check Out These Inspiring Laser-Cut Creations!

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap! Creatives on Jun 26th, 2015

Laser-cutting is a fantastic way to create incredibly intricate and stunning designs out of a wide range of materials. Our tools are able to cut plastic and wood (and pretty much any other material that you can think of) and do so with the utmost precision. When you choose to make the most of the very best laser-cutting in the UK, you are giving your designs a fantastic advantage over others, as you can completely avoid the risk of human error in your cutting process.

Some of the most fantastic products, artwork and miscellanea of the past few years have been created with high-quality laser-cutting. If you’re looking for some inspiration, or you just want to see what’s possible, then you need to check out these incredible designs!

Some Of The Most Inspiring Laser-Cut Creations!

First off, designing unique layers of laser-cut wood can create fantastic and intricately detailed artwork. From incredible scenes to striking feature pieces, the possibilities of carefully cut and layered wood are endless. A perfect example of what is possible with layered wood cuttings is the work of the illustrator Martin Tomsky.

Tomsky’s stunning designs, from the famous ‘Mounted Fish’ to the incredibly detailed and striking ‘Separation’ are regularly touted as the pinnacle of home decor personalisation with high-quality and precise laser-cutting.

Of course, there are more practical designs which can be created from wood. There are dozens of examples of clock-faces being created through laser-cutting in the UK, as a fantastic way to add a little extra style and a little extra character to your home.

The Braindrop

One of the most famous and inspirational examples of laser-cutting being utilised in the creation of art is the ‘Braindrop’. Developed by sculptor, designer and photographer Kate Raudenbush, the Braindrop is an active meditation space which has been designed to ‘honour water’. The piece itself is 17-feet tall, 10-feet wide and is made entirely from laser-cut and welded steel.

This piece weighs over 5000 pounds, and is illuminated by striking LEDs in the evening. Sitting inside the Braindrop when the lights are illuminated creates a stunning kaleidoscopic effect, which is perfect to encourage high-levels of serenity and effective meditation.

The Light-Towers

One of many laser-cut designs from Jared Tarbell, these miniature light-towers require special laser-collaborations to ensure that light finds its way through the paper in the right ways. When explaining these light towers, Tarbell said that he ‘wrote an algorithm for the laser that outputs cut and perforation vectors for a folding light tower with almost any dimension’.

These stunning light sources require special calculation, to ensure that the light finds its way effectively through both folds of paper. Tarbell’s work is a fantastic example of what can be created when technical know-how is combined with incredible creativity.

For Precise Laser-Cutting In The UK, Choose Zap! Creatives

Here at Zap! Creatives, our range of laser-cutting services is here to provide you with the tools you need to create incredible artwork and products and to help you realise your most fantastical designs. We can cut a wide range of materials, in a wide range of sizes, and our laser-cutting in the UK is the most precise and reliable around.

Check out these inspiring designs to see just what is possible with high-quality laser-cutting in the UK. For more information, or to enquire about a special, non-standard project, contact us today on 01642 244 422 or email us at


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