Building 3D Furniture With 2D Laser-Cut Elements

Building 3D Furniture With 2D Laser-Cut Elements

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap! Creatives on Sep 11th, 2015

Interested in creating your own unique custom-made furniture? You may have thought this was only possible with 3D laser cutting UK technology, but this isn’t entirely true. There are a number of potential possibilities for creation with a state of the art 2D laser cutter. Not just great for small design projects, with a little bit of thought, our advanced laser cutters (that have cutting bed sizes of 800 x 400mm) can make structurally sound, innovative furniture. You may be wondering ‘How?’ right about now, so let’s get started...

How To Create Furniture With Laser Cutting In The UK

If you’ve ever visited IKEA, you’ll be familiar with the concept of ‘flat-pack’ furniture. Well, this is basically the idea behind 2D laser cut items, and if you want inspiration, we’d recommend giving ‘flat-pack furniture’ a search. Be it a bedside table, minimalist wardrobe or jewellery box with a unique engraved design, with your intuitive design and our expertise, unique furniture can be made. Once created and delivered, all you’ll have to do is (excitedly) assemble your laser–cut elements to see it transform into a furniture piece like no other.

If you love a previously designed furniture piece already on the market, but you’re not so keen on the colour or material, simply send us over the pre-made design with detailed information about what colour and laserable material you would like, and we’ll get back to you to let you know if it’s possible. Currently, we can laser cut wood and a range of acrylic. You can visit our ‘Laserable Materials’ page here to view all of our options. Remember, if you’re thinking about creating a chair, for instance, you can combine fabric into your design for comfort at a later date. Here are some advantages of custom-made flat-pack furniture:

Custom-Made Flat-Pack Furniture Advantages

  • Easy transportation – Live on the tenth floor of an apartment or regularly move? No problem! Since flat-pack furniture is only assembled on arrival, it’s easy to move from place to place. Unlike hefty sofas that require expert movers to lift and transport them, anyone can manoeuvre flat-pack furniture.
  • Perfect fit – Since you’ll be designing your furniture, you’ll be able to ensure that you make use of every inch of space in that awkward alcove. In addition, since your design will come in separate parts to assemble, you won’t have to struggle moving them through narrow doorways or up difficult stairwells either!
  • Versatility - We’ve a variety of colours and materials available for laser cutting here at Zap!, so whatever aesthetic you’re trying to achieve – be it a modern decor or something more traditional – you have the freedom to create something that’s entirely unique with laser cutting in the UK from Zap!

Work With Zap! Creatives To Design Custom-Made Furniture

If you would like more information about how to create your own home furniture designs, you can browse our website for detailed advice, or simply get in touch our expert team. Send us a message (along with your designs if you have them already!) on or call +44(0)1642 244422 to speak with one of our friendly advisors directly.


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