All It Takes Is A Little Imagination and Laser Cutting Services

All It Takes Is A Little Imagination and Laser Cutting Services

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap! Creatives on Nov 27th, 2015

Reinventing a kid’s bedroom, your company’s office or even your shop to make it a more positive and attractive environment can be difficult. It takes a great imagination to turn laser cutting services into something feasible and interactive, however it is completely possible!

With so many different laserable materials available - in even more colours, textures and thicknesses - you can create something truly spectacular if you’re willing to put the effort in. If you’re struggling for ideas, take a look at our design ideas for a kid’s bedroom below. Even if you don’t have kids, have a read to see what can be achieved with a laser cutter and a little imagination!

Laser Cutting Design Ideas For Bedrooms

A bedroom for:

  • Kids who love Disney – Whether they’re fascinated by Marvel superheroes or wish they were a princess, with custom laser cutting services you can make their dream a reality. Whether it’s a laser cut batman logo that’s a part of their bed, wall art with a quote from their favourite film or a unique, laser cut bedstead that’s fit for a princess, email us to see if we can create something special together!

  • Children who love wildlife – Be it a laser cut elephant made from grey and white acrylic for a decorative wall display, or a jungle room made possible with different shades of green and animals you’d find there, amaze them with a room that’s incomparable with a bespoke design! To create an underwater theme, you could begin by painting the walls a vivid blue, before sending us your instructions to create fishes, dolphins, turtles, starfish and more to bring it to life!

  • The big dreamers – Does your kid talk about becoming an astronaut, an explorer, a dancer or an artist? Fill their bedroom with laser cut planets and stars, or perhaps a suitcase, a train and a map of the world. If they’re forever dancing and singing, a silhouette of a ballerina might be an idea!

  • Bespoke bedroom design – Your child might not love the ocean, the jungle or Disney, but we know there’s something in the world they’re fascinated by. Even a personalised name plaque would make their room more personal. Remember laser cutting machines can engrave as well as cut, so make their room amazing with a little imagination, dedication and love!

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