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5 Great Examples Of Promotional Laser Cutting

5 Great Examples Of Promotional Laser Cutting

Posted in Laser Cutting by Zap Creatives on Jul 28th, 2014
Laser cutting services enable businesses all over the globe to produce stunning and creative designs. As technologies have developed, it is now possible to cut and engrave a wide range of materials into your chosen design. Take a look at some of the best laser cut promotional items created by some of the biggest brands.

5 Examples Of Laser Cutting Services At Their Best

1. Laser Engraved Cork PUMA Shoe for PUMA Creative Factory Launch event – Marking the opening of the PUMA Creative Factory at Boxpark in London, this laser engraved cork shoe was created to hold swatches created by up and coming designers. PUMA asked 12 designers to create swatches they felt could be featured on the next PUMA First Round Sneakers, winning designs were then pinned to the cork template.

Laser Cutting Services

Laser Cutting Services

2. Reebok Laser Etched Silver Acrylic Invites - Created for the private viewing of the John Maeda and Reebok collaboration, this stunning laser engraved invite uses Maeda’s original mathematic algorithms to produce a complex graphic.

Laser Cutting Services
3. PUMA Invite for Store Preview – Laser cut and engraved, this free-standing invite can be sent in a flat envelope and assembled by the invitee. Featuring PUMA’s bold jaguar design as the centre piece, this innovative design was sure to make a great impression.

Laser Cutting Services
4. Laser Cut Converse – We’re not sure who made them, but these beauties were discovered on Kenwerks.com. Taking the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor to the next level, this stunning design is an excellent example of laser cutting services at their best.

Laser Cutting Services
5. Topman Laser Cut Collection – Making its way to the catwalks, Topman showcased a summer collection of laser cut clothes. Inspired by 80’s New York and West Coast surf style, this range featured laser cut polka dots on a selection of jackets.

Laser Cutting Services

Get Creating With Laser Cutting Services From Zap

Looking create your own laser cut invite or display materials? Here at Zap! We offer fantastic laser cutting services to the individual and creative industries looking to design innovative promotional items. Using our large format machine, we can cut, engrave and etch a wide range of materials up to 800 x 400mm.

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