How To Make Your Own Jewellery?

How To Make Your Own Jewellery?

Posted in Jewellery Making by Zap Creatives on May 8th, 2014

Making your own jewellery is an excellent hobby. A chance to be creative, it is fun and the results are yours to keep, give to a friend or sell to others! Much easier than most people think; here at Zap! Creatives we have come up with our top tips on how to make your own jewellery.

Providing you with professional charms and jewellery making supplies, this guide aims to give you the basics, so that you will have the knowledge and enthusiasm to go on and realise your own stylish creations!

What Jewellery Making Supplies Do You Need?

Whether you are looking to design your own jewellery from scratch or build it using our make-it-yourself kits, it’s simple with help from Zap! Take a look at our must have jewellery making supplies to get the creativity flowing:

  • Jewellery Chain – To help make your bracelet and necklace designs a reality, we have a fantastic range of metre length and ready-made chains. Choose from pre-made bracelet and necklace chains or cut your own from our lengths of chain.
  • Jewellery Findings – One of the most important components, findings include everything from jump rings and earring wires to clasps and fixings.
  • Acrylic Charms – At Zap! we offer a wide range of pre-made acrylic charms for use in your jewellery designs including lockets, cameo settings, printed wooden and acrylic charms.

How To Use Your Jewellery Making Kit?

If you have purchased a complete jewellery making kit, most will come with a set of instructions to assemble your desired jewellery piece. If you are going it alone and looking to create something from scratch, take a look at our tips for designing stunning pieces of jewellery.

  1. Plan your design on paper before you start. This will save you time later on and give you an opportunity to explore ideas. It’s also useful to draw out sketches to give yourself a measure of how you want it to look when finished.
  2. Organise your workspace. Sort all parts and components into types for easy locating, with space in front of you for construction. Put all your tools within easy reaching distance and the instructions clearly in front of your construction space.
  3. Layout design. Before assembling your chosen design, lay all the components and charms out in an expanded view. This will give you a good idea as to what your acrylic jewellery will look like, and whether you need to change anything.

Buy Jewellery Making Supplies From Zap! Creatives

At Zap! Creatives we provide a fantastic range of jewellery making supplies including findings, jewellery chains and charms. If you are feeling extra creative, why not design your own custom charms? We can laser cut any design you create from a wide range of acrylics, woods and materials.

Please email us for more information at or phone 01642 244422.



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