Why Stickers Still Work In The Digital Age

Why Stickers Still Work In The Digital Age

Posted in Custom Sticker Printing by Zap! Creatives on May 17th, 2016

‘Who would opt for custom sticker printing to advertise in the digital world we live in today?’ we hear you asking. Well, quite a lot of businesses, actually! Stickers aren’t just fantastic for sticking on your mate’s forehead while they’re sleeping, or on your desk or clothes or fridge or car - they’re fantastic for advertising, too! Take a look at why so many businesses are still opting for stickers over digital methods of advertising and why they shouldn’t be overlooked when brainstorming ways to promote your business.

How Does Custom Sticker Printing Trump Digital Advertising?

There are a range of reasons why businesses still opt for traditional sticker printing over digital methods of marketing - we’ve highlighted some of these below.

1. Traditional and chic – Sure, digital marketing has its benefits, but since everybody is tweeting, liking and sharing online, the good, old-fashioned ways of marketing can enable your business to stand out amongst the competition. In fact, it’s such an old way of marketing that it’s considered trendy to have them. Include one for free with every purchase a customer makes and, providing they stick it somewhere they can see, you’re sure to get a returning customer soon enough! If you can get permission, stick them everywhere and anywhere, and they’re bound to lead customers’ right to your door.

2. Inexpensive way to advertise – Since stickers are so durable and can be cheaply purchased, they offer a cheap and effective way to promote your services or product. Much like a TV advert might persuade you to shop online with a different brand that you usually would, a sticker that’s stuck in the right place can act as an effective marketing trigger that will convince customers to check your business out.

3. Visually engaging – Here at Zap, there are many different sticker possibilities available, from kiss cut stickers to custom shaped stickers and more, so you truly have complete control to create an outstanding design. A colourful sticker is bound to attract attention in your local area, while a tweet’s effectiveness wears off after time as the internet gets ever-more congested with information.

4. Brilliant for those just starting out – Unfortunately, many startups don’t have the funds for costly advertising. Company logo stickers are a cost-effective way to market your business without incurring considerable charges. Without a doubt, stickers pay for themselves with the custom that they repeatedly bring.

5. Stickers aren’t constrictive – Everybody loves stickers, and since you can get a considerably large batch printed inexpensively, they’re entirely free to distribute anywhere and everywhere. Digital marketing can only go so far, and if an internet user doesn’t go to the right site where your advertising efforts are targeted to, then you’re not going to get as far as you’d hoped. A simple, eye-catching sticker, however, has the potential to reach many, many more people over a much longer period of time.

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