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Why custom-made stickers can help businesses to win the advertising race!

Why custom-made stickers can help businesses to win the advertising race!

Posted in Custom Sticker Printing by Zap! Creatives on Sep 12th, 2016

Once again the Olympics have been a massive success for Team GB – as the team exceeded their medal target and provided us with brilliant performances that contributed to a wonderful spectacle. If you’ve seen billboards around, advertising services related to Team GB and their sponsors, then you know how powerful this kind of advertising can be. We all don’t have the big budgets of certain supermarket chains or fast-food restaurants – so if we want to get our message across, perhaps in an interesting and quirky way – how do we do it? A fantastic way is by using stickers!

The days of stickers having just one use as a ‘bumper sticker’ are over – stickers can be used for promotional purposes, as they can be designed in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours and can be applied to pretty much anything – from windows, to plastics to people and yes – even bumpers! This offers businesses and brands a cost-effective way of promoting their cause – and with the focus becoming more-and-more on advertising on social media, a ‘sticker campaign’ can be seen as a somewhat quirky way of advertising!

Here we’ll look at how custom sticker printing in the UK can be utilised for your business or brand and show that, when it runs against billboards in the ‘good ways to advertise’ event, it will more often than not, win the gold medal!

Benefits of Custom Stickers for Branding

  1. Many, many uses – Today, stickers come in many shapes and sizes and can be used as marketing tools to promote your brand. This kind of versatility is of a massive benefit to your brand as you’re able to give them out in almost any situation!
  2. Able to convey information – Stickers are a great way to provide any additional information that you’d like to get across to potential customers. It can reveal key information that might enhance your product and services, in the hope that it’ll provide a sale. You can put in things like contact details, key products or services, even prices or any special offers designed to entice.
  3. Be creative! Many businesses and brands use colourful billboards to advertise their services – but if you want to make a bold statement, then a sticker will be a great way of creating something that is arguably more unique. If you can stand out from the rest – then you’ve gained attention, this then gives you a great opportunity to get your message across.
  4. Sets a reminder – With the ability of a sticker to be stuck literally anywhere – people will be constantly reminded of your message whenever they see it. You are able to stick your stickers in some interesting places too – an advertisement on a boring old road is just, well, boring!
  5. Cost-effective – One massive advantage of using stickers, is their cost to design and produce. A billboard sign on a busy road may be seen by many, but will cost thousands and the message largely lost by the time a person reaches their destination.
  6. Long-term benefits - Stickers are able to be printed in massive quantities for very little cost – and can even be re-printed over and over again whenever you wish. The cost of a billboard will always be the same and always return the same results.

Zap! Creatives – Win the race with us!

We are proud to provide quality range of printing custom stickers UK for whatever your creative mind can come up with. Available in single or multipacks, our stickers are cost effective and made to the highest quality. For more information on our services, please browse around our site, give us a call on 01642 244422 or you can e-mail us at


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