Transparent Stickers Vs Window Stickers. What's the difference?

Transparent Stickers Vs Window Stickers. What's the difference?

Posted in Custom Sticker Printing by Zap! Creatives on Feb 6th, 2016

So, you may have noticed that we have 2 different sticker options that are both printed onto our transparent (clear) vinyl. One being 'Transparent Stickers' and the other 'Window Stickers'. So 'what's the difference?' I hear you ask...

Transparent Stickers
Our transparent stickers are great for applications where you don't want a white background on any of the unprinted areas of your stickers or for where you want transparent areas of vinyl or transparent printed colours.

We print a white base layer of ink onto the vinyl FIRST, followed by your full colour printed designs. Our white inks are totally opaque which makes any printed areas with a white base layer really stand out.

Our transparent stickers look great stuck to a wide variety of surfaces. From desks and phones to mirrors, glass bottles and windows.

Window Stickers
Our transparent window stickers are printed onto the same material as our transparent stickers but with a couple of differences.

Our window stickers are intended to be stuck to the INSIDE of windows, so that they are viewed correctly from the outside of the window.

This means that we need to reflect your artwork by 90 degrees so that it displays the correct way around when viewed from outside.

We print your full colour artwork FIRST, followed by a top layer of opaque white ink. Any areas with a white top layer of ink become opaque, ensruring you get solid, vivid colours for your window stickers.


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