Promote Your Brand With Custom Sticker Printing

Promote Your Brand With Custom Sticker Printing

Posted in Custom Sticker Printing by Zap Creatives on Jun 20th, 2014

Custom sticker printing is a great media for promoting a brand because it can be used in a variety of different applications. Given as a leaflet or promotional material at events and conferences, used in windows, on products or on the side of your van, stickers can be placed in a number of locations to advertise your services.

Why Use Custom Sticker Printing?

Customised stickers help you to virally advertise your brand with minimal cost and effort. Used indoors and outdoors, and on almost any kind of surface, they are one of the most flexible types of advertisement. Custom sticker printing can also be used to enhance other promotional items such as wallets and notebooks; and can last for years without peeling or deteriorating. They are also a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising, especially with bigger discounts available for larger orders!

How Can You Make Custom Sticker Printing Effective?

Stickers are highly effective at promoting your brand when designed well. Be sure to know what you’re aiming to achieve with your stickers, so that they can be designed accordingly. Keep it simple, yet eye-catching with a clear message; and make sure they’re the right size and shape for their intended purpose. Finally, try to print and distribute just enough to make an impression and get your message out there. Put your custom printed stickers in places where they will be seen and appreciated, give them out to customers and feature them in shop windows and displays.

How We Zap! Help Create Custom Printed Stickers?

Our custom sticker printing services are just what you need to produce your own branded stickers. Printed in full colour on high-quality 140gsm gloss vinyl, your design will then be kiss-cut into your specified shape!

You can order your stickers in as many colours as you like, in whatever shapes you like, for just one low price. Our super low £25 minimum order quantity means that creating custom stickers in a range of designs needn’t break the bank.

If you have already prepared your design, simply email it to our creative team at the address below. If you don’t yet have a design, why not follow our tutorials on how to create one using Photoshop or Illustrator, or take advantage of our design service?

For more information on our printing and design services or to get a quote, please email us at or phone (0)1642 244422.


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