Design Tips For Custom Sticker Printing

Design Tips For Custom Sticker Printing

Posted in Custom Sticker Printing by Zap Creatives on Dec 8th, 2014

If you are not an experienced graphic designer who is proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, preparing your artwork for custom sticker printing can be a little daunting. Not the same as simply dropping in an image into a Word document, creating sticker artwork that comes out trumps is important if you want to make a good impression.

5 Common Mistakes – How To Create The Perfect Stickers

If you are a rookie and want to achieve professional results, take a look at our top tips for custom sticker printing.

1. Document Size – Whilst we can print anything from 1 inch to 5ft custom stickers, it is important that your artwork is the right size. Set your size and check your dimensions, you don’t want to add something very small on a large sticker. Try printing the design out on scrap paper to see if you have everything in the right proportions.

2. The Wrong Resolution - More of a problem in Photoshop than Illustrator, working to the wrong resolution can result in problems when printed. Our custom sticker printing is set at 300dpi, to ensure a good quality print. Make sure that your document is set to these specifications before sending it to be printed.

3. The Wrong Colour Mode – Working in the wrong colour mode is a classic rookie mistake. Set your document to RGB colour, this will ensure that the colours you see on your screen will be used in your stickers.

4. Cutting Edge Details – If we’re kiss cutting or contour cutting details out of your designs, it’s best to avoid adding too much cutting details. We recommend items no thinner than 3mm be cut from your designs. Strands of hair, for example, would be far too fragile and would result in the finished piece looking delicate and messy.

5. Saving Your Design – If you are creating one large sticker, save your work in JPEG format. If you are creating a sheet of stickers, make sure to save your document in a Photoshop document (PSD) to preserve the layers.

Create Custom Stickers With Zap!

Looking for custom sticker printing in the UK? Well you’re in the right place. Here at Zap! Creatives we create full colour printed stickers for all your labelling needs. With no set sizes or shapes, you can create custom labels in any design.

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