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4mm Maple Wood

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Our veneered boards are constructed from real wood veneers, bonded to an MDF board. Suitable for end users that require a high quality finish.

Our veneered woods are constructed from 2 crown cut, 0.4mm thick, real wood veneers, bonded to a 3.2mm sheet of laserable MDF, giving an overall thickness of 4mm.

The cut edge of this material is usually clean, turning a golden brown to dark brown colour when laser cut. The laser leaves little or no charred residue behind. Any residual charring left by the laser can be easily removed with a fine grade wet and dry paper.

**Please note that this is a natural wood material which is being cut with a laser beam! As such, scorching can occur in places. These can all be easily removed with a fine grade wet and dry paper.**
This material engraves extremely well with high levels of engraved details being easily achievable. Our lightest engraving setting produces a tone, slightly darker than its surrounding, unworked areas with heavier engraving producing deeper and darker levels of engraving.

Gluing & Joining
PVA and other wood glues work well for this material. If you are gluing acrylic to wood then we recommend an epoxy resin such as E6000.

Pre-drill screw holes prior to application to avoid splitting.

Common applications
Jewellery design, model making, point of sale, signage & display, forming & fabrication, furniture and glazing.

Also known as
veneer, wood veneer, MDF, Medite