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3mm Plywood Wood

Product Code: L60

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BB grade, FSC approved birch plywood made from thin sheets of wood veneer, bonded together with moisture resistant (MR) glue.

All of our birch plywood is BB graded on both sides which allows for small patches of knots and occasional minor repairs and imperfections, which are expected of a natural material like this.

The cut edge of this material is usually clean, turning a golden brown to dark brown colour when laser cut. The laser leaves little or no charred residue behind. Any residual charring left by the laser can be easily removed with a fine grade wet and dry paper.

**Please note that this is a natural wood material which is being cut with a laser beam! As such, scorching can occur in places, where knots, resin and other natural imperfections are located either on top of or within the wood veneers. These can all be easily removed with a fine grade wet and dry paper.**
This material engraves extremely well with high levels of engraved details being easily achievable. Our lightest engraving setting produces a tone, slightly darker than its surrounding, unworked areas with heavier engraving producing deeper and darker levels of engraving (see pics).

Deeper levels of engraving can release natural oils and resins.

Gluing & Joining
PVA and other wood glues work well for this material. If you are gluing acrylic to wood then we recommend an epoxy resin such as E6000.

Pre-drill screw holes prior to application to avoid splitting.

Common applications
Jewellery design, model making, point of sale, signage & display, forming & fabrication, furniture and glazing.

Also known as
Plywood, birch ply, laserable birch plywood, interior birch plywood.